“Go Web Go” – “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Movie Review

I know I was not the only one anxiously waiting to see the third reboot of a live action Spiderman Marvel has attempted and I know I do not stand alone when I say Tom Holland portrayed Spiderman wonderfully.

As a self-proclaimed nitpicker and obvious lover of the Marvel and DC universe (be happy I don’t write comic reviews), I understand why Tom Holland was the perfect actor to play Spiderman. In the first film starring Toby Maguire Marvel selected a character that was too old to portray a high schooler and because of that could never have an intertwining storyline with the reset of the Marvel Universe. I also found the original movies too dark to accurately portray the bright and witty character I read about in the comics. In The Amazing Spiderman movies Marvel captured the cocky, fun attitude of a high schooler in Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of the hero, but the movies reached their peak in the first one, but even that left much to be desired.

Holland not only captured the fun Spiderman fans of the comics have been waiting for, he also captured a certain innocence that can only be found in a teenage superhero. He played the role of an awkward high schooler that remained an awkward superhero the whole way through the movie despite his badassedness as the friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

A couple of things I think Marvel needs praise for is one – not repeating another death of Uncle Ben scene. It may have only been done twice before, but the movie franchise obviously felt like enough was enough. Uncle Ben did not need to die on screen one more time. Two – I enjoyed the fact that Peter Parker never revealed his identity to a female love interest, but instead he was found out by his best friend. In the previous Spiderman films Peter Parker reveals his identity to love interests pretty quickly – pretty pitiful for a guy who wears a mask to prevent the revelation of his identity… 3. I was glad not to see another scene of how Peter got his powers. Much like the Uncle Ben scene, a spider bite that gave our protagonist powers would have just been overkill if I had to see it one more time.

On top of everything else, Marvel deserves the most praise for making this movie one so the viewer can really get to know Peter Parker. A love interest was introduced, but because of assorted reasons (I’m not gonna’ spoil a thing) the romance goes south. Having a movie to really learn about our new hero shows what kind of hero Marvel is introducing and especially emphasized how different Peter Parker is from the other heros. Instead of having good morals out of obligation or debt, Parker simply wants to do the best he can and make the world a better place.

Holland’s brief introduction in Captain America: Civil War was a treat, but nothing could have prepared me for how amusing and great his full performance would be. I can’t wait to see more of Holland and the rest of the cast in another movie.


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